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June 02, 2008


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You, I and probably everyone else who has written about this restaurant has played on its name, declaring it on or off the mark (or marko). You voted it on. I voted it off. Four of us ate there before the theater exactly two months and one day ago. The service was poor, and the food nothing to crow about -- partly a byproduct of the slow, confused service that limited us to what we could order and still make it to curtain. See my thumbs-down take at http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com/2008/04/osteria-marco-off-mark.html . I'm willing, but not eager, to try it again.

Ha, yeah, that's not a surprise, the pun's just too easy.

I remember your saying you didn't like it on Chowhound; I suppose time will tell whether you were there on a culinary off-night or I was there on a particularly good night. Servicewise, I believe there have been a fair number of complaints, but my experience at the bar was quite nice.

I'm wondering if food bloggers are starting to get the sort of attention that restaurant critics try to avoid- above average attention as a restaurant knows the opinion of the diner is going to be broadcast. I've dined with a food critic on several occasions and know the pain they go through to conceal identity (as they should). I hated it- I was tempted to leak the visit so we would be coddled! I'm going to start taking notes and pictures to find out if I start drawing a better hand service-wise.

per Osteria SM- still haven't gone! My kind of menu though and I'm a huge huge Luca fan. My hopes are high. Which sets me up for a fall of course.

I wonder that myself...it's not only food bloggers, it's Chowhound posters, etc. etc...lots of my friends, though they don't write professionally or even semiprofessionally but are just avid eaters, take pics and notes for Chowhound and other message boards, Flicker, etc.

Also, FWIW, the bartender was very helpful *before* the camera came out. :) Seemed to know his Italian wines, which was nice.

Re OM, my situation was the reverse—as a vicious Italophile who hasn't been to Luca, my expectations weren't very high. So the fact that they were surpassed may not say much. But the fact that they were surpassed also means Luca's next on my list.

Been meaning to go there. I met the new manager a few weeks ago. Nice guy.

Wanted to comment on your "Cool Stuff No. 4" but something's wrong with the the coding. Anyway, where'd you get the Cynar? I've always wanted to try it. Love artichokes. Love 'em.

Hmm, I think there are still some bugs in the new Typepad system.

Anyway, I get it at Divino on S. Broadway, a wine shop that's as good-looking as it is impressively stocked...

Does that mean it's hard to find around here? Living in the North End of Boston for so long, I took most Italian products for granted, I guess...

For non-alcoholic "Italian stuff," try Parisi in NW Denver and Gagliano's in Pueblo (if you ever get down that way). I was just there and will do a blog post on it in the near future.

Claire @ http://culinary-colorado.blogspot.com

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